Mountain Lions

The Water Trough

I had a thought one day a few weeks ago:

When we are nervous while riding or handling our horses, they are not capable of perceiving that it is them making us nervous. Therefore they assume that we are able to see or hear or smell something very frightening that they can’t see, hear or smell yet. This makes them afraid. Surely there must be a mountain lion lurking nearby. Must run away.

I texted my coach, Wylie, to tell her about my revelation. “Yes”, she answered. “I’ve always thought that.”

For me, it was like an awakening. I had seriously never thought of it this way. By being nervous, we are scaring the bejeebers out of our horses. They must think mountain lions follow us around.

I thought very hard about this the next time I went out to the barn to ride Stella. I am in the process…

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